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Provide thermal insulation panel, houses and commercial buildings in the \"Green Investment Scheme\"

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Build the new family home is an important decision. Anyone who has to decide so grave a step, certainly think of many questions. For example, how to get a comfortable living without undue economic burden, where does it start and how to proceed ... If you decide to build the first Prague Construction Ltd, you can leave all worries to us with the construction.

Our company is engaged in building construction contracts - and during his time in the market has built a strong position and reputation. Our goal is a satisfied customer and his wishes fulfilled. And what is our offer? We carry out the construction of houses or apartments and are engaged in the reconstruction of objects, whether they be family or prefabricated houses, or schools, hospitals and office buildings.

Our construction company has professionals with years of experience and is able to offer a complete project - from the preparation of an investment project to full completion. With our build quality, modern building for the future, which will provide comfortable low cost housing.

Our company is also the holder of ISO standards and certification for installation in the Green Investment Scheme. For affordable prices and family carry insulation and prefabricated houses or commercial premises. Insulation is significantly reducing the cost of heating, which at today's rising energy prices, and definitely long term investment worthwhile.


Our companyholder the ISO certification for installation and Green Savings !

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